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66 T he Association for Uncrewed Vehicles Systems International (AUVSI) celebrated its 50th anniversary this year by bringing Xponential – the supreme event of the autonomous world – to Orlando from April 25 to 28. More than 8000 visitors swept through the aisles of the exhibition floor to take in the new uncrewed vehicles and subsystems being unveiled for commercial, civil and defence users. And with more than 500 exhibitors eager to show off the fruits of their labours during the pandemic lockdowns, there was much to see and report on. What follows is the first of a two-part report on the latest products and updates from the trade show floor (with the second part to follow in issue 45). Intelligent Energy attended the show to unveil its second-generation IE- Soar 800 W hydrogen fuel cell module, which contains several advances over the original version featured in UST 24 (February/March 2019). These include greater performance, reliability and environmental ruggedness, developed from 5 years of r&d and customer feedback. “For one thing, it’s easier to integrate into fuselages than the previous version,” said Andy Kelly. “We’ve moved the control electronics into a separate box, and it has a wider environmental range. “While the first-generation version could only operate in climates from 0 C to 35 C, the second-generation system will be able to function in temperatures from -5 C to +40 C. For a PEM fuel cell, that massively opens up the range of use-cases across geographies, altitudes and applications.” June/July 2022 | Uncrewed Systems Technology Rory Jackson presents the first part of his review of the latest systems and technology on show at the 50th anniversary of this event Gold standard A huge range of autonomous vehicles and components were on display at AUVSI’s Xponential exhibition in Orlando this year