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accurate imagery. That’s also important for running the USV among marine lifeforms without impacting them, and being entirely solar-powered and producing no greenhouse gas emissions or risk of oil spills further helps keep it sustainable for ocean monitoring.” Open Ocean Robotics’ passive self- righting system is a buoyancy-based design, which avoids relying on ballast as that would add weight, and also avoids using anything that depends on moving parts or excessive draft or weight. “Instead, a roll bar structure sits on the aft of the USV to create an inherently unstable position when in an inverted or partially inverted orientation,” Angus explains. “We went through several iterations to fine-tune the structure as well as the hull shape to maximise its self-righting capabilities while minimising its impact on performance, ultimately deciding on the foil-shaped structure on our current version. “In our upcoming USVs, you’ll see some slight modifications to the system to accommodate heavier payloads.” This design philosophy lends the Data Xplorer towards maintaining straight tracks and system performance in adverse conditions: the company has tested it in surf breaks where it has The Data Xplorer has a roll bar structure to right itself amid turbulent waves (Courtesy of Open Ocean Robotics) AIRMAR.COM ...onemillion nautical hours Proven Performance Rugged reliability and optimal performance define the 200WX-IPX7. Over 1 million hours of flawless nautical operation on buoys, USVs and ASVs prove its integrity. Inquire how AIRMAR can meet your integration requirements. • Compact, ultrasonic multisensor • Dynamic wind speed and direction • Air temperature and wind chill • Barometric pressure • GPS position, SOG, COG • Three-axis solid state compass with dynamic stabilization • Three-axis rate gyro for rate of turn • Best-in-class pitch and roll accuracy • IPX7 waterproof rating 200WX-IPX7 Contact weather@airmar.com