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The easiest way to use LiDAR in your Mobile Robot Real-time 3D processing software The Augmented Lidar Box provides the essential building blocks to integrate real-time LiDAR data in your application, so you can focus on your value added. With any LiDAR. SLAM Perception Object Detection & Relocalisation & Segmentation & Tracking Outsight Meet us at outsight.ai Meet us at outsight.ai DARcorporation Design Analysis Research Prototyping Testing UAV Propeller Ducted Fan info@darcorp.com www.darcorp.com info@orthodrone.com www.orthodrone.com • Ultra high resolution photogrammetry and survey-grade unmanned aerial LiDAR services – onsite and turnkey solutions • Hybrid multirotor offshore-UAS enabling hours of flight in the most demanding environments and conditions • Tailored data acquisition solu- tions and spatial data analyses for research and industry • Long-term subscription options for UAS hardware and sensor solutions, remote services, and deliverables UAS SERVICES & GEOSPATIAL SOLUT I ONS UAS SERVICES & GEOSPATIAL SOLUTIONS