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25 with a two-stroke gasoline range extender to carry out long-endurance monitoring, surveillance, inspection and public safety missions.” The X12 is the larger of the two aircraft, at 75 cm tall and 248 cm across. Its MTOW is about 67 kg, and it has a payload capacity of 20 kg, as well as an airframe notable for its X-12 configuration. This features 12 electric motors and propellers mounted across six carbon tube rotor arms that extend from a carbon composite hub, powering the craft for a 4 hour maximum flight time. The hub also holds a frontal payload bay, sensor mounting racks underneath and two large cooling fans. The X8 closely follows the design of the X12. It is an octocopter, and has been designed to meet the 25 kg weight limit set by regulations in Europe, North America, Australia and many other places. It therefore has a 2 kg payload capacity and a smaller power unit than the X12, but it delivers about 2.5 hours of flight time. It measures 63 cm tall and 203 cm across, and while smaller than the X12, both can achieve a top speed of 50 kph and position-hold amid rain, snow and even winds of up to 18 m/s. Much of Xer’s early components were made in-house, owing to what the company describes as the professional uncrewed industry’s lack of manufacturing maturity at the time and its lack of variety, affordability and supply chain security for its plans. These days, Xer’s engineers source many parts from a range of high-end suppliers before modifying some of them, and also draw on the local high-tech scene in Sweden wherever suitable, with the goal of achieving a UAS as capable as any of those from leading manufacturers. Xer Technologies X12 and X8 | Dossier Both vehicles can achieve a top speed of 50 kph and maintain their positions amid rain, snow and even winds of up to 18 m/s Uncrewed Systems Technology | June/July 2022 The X8 octocopter is designed for a 25 kg MTOW for regulatory compliance, with a 2 kg payload and a 2.5 hour endurance