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104 W ith most lockdowns now ending, people are returning not only to streets and airlines but also the seas, and the return of Oceanology International to the ExCeL in London’s Docklands heralded a wave of new products for the Blue Economy. Although 4 years had passed since the last OI London, one thing remained the same: among the 440-plus exhibitors from 70 countries, USV and UUV technologies dominated the ocean survey solutions, with environmental monitoring and precision undersea mapping being of critical importance. Subsea OEM EvoLogics showcased its range of underwater vehicles and technologies, and unveiled its new USBL buoy system. This was originally developed in-house as a tool for its own engineers to get accurate position data on underwater targets during field operations. “It’s a turnkey unit that integrates a USBL transceiver, a battery, a flotation pod, a dual-antenna GNSS for geo- referenced positioning, and a wireless comms unit, as well as an onboard PC running SiNAPS 2, our positioning software,” said Maria Pleskach. “It takes less than 5 minutes to deploy, and the wi-fi access point allows remote operation and observation of the buoy, as well as live monitoring of the positioning data it produces, from the end-user’s GCS. It also collapses into three sections in order to fit into a small standard case.” The company also exhibited its penguin-like Quadroin AUV, which is now commercially available and is continuing its environmental work measuring ocean eddy currents on behalf of the Moses Initiative (as featured in UST 42, February/March 2022), thanks to its faster speed during survey than is typical for UUVs of its size (up to 5 m/s). “Meanwhile, our fishlike Poggy AUV will provide a slower and more stable glide, and we’re now also in the early Rory Jackson reports from this show with his selection of the latest mission-critical products and technologies for the autonomous and uncrewed marine world Into the blue June/July 2022 | Uncrewed Systems Technology More than 10,000 people attended Oceanology International 2022 to take in the new marine vehicles and technologies unveiled there