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The AUVSI Xponential live exhibition finally returned in August 2021, with hundreds of exhibitors congregating in the Georgia World Congress Center, in Atlanta, to unveil the fruits of their r&d over the past 18 months 86 A fter 18 months of postponements brought on by quarantines and travel restrictions, AUVSI Xponential finally returned as a live event this year. Held in the US, in Atlanta, from August 16 to 19, hundreds of companies showcased their latest systems, putting a wave of never- before-seen technological solutions on display. UAvionix unveiled SkyLine, a cloud-based network for BVLOS management of UAVs and autonomous air taxis. The company recently received FAA approval to test its SkyLink C-band radios for command and control over the SkyLine network. The radios use an aviation- protected RF spectrum and enable UAS operators performing high-risk tasks to guard against many forms of interference and tampering on the frequency band. Christian Ramsey commented, “SkyLine consists of uAvionix’s certifiable C2 radio hardware currently known as MicroLink, our 2X2 MIMO airborne radio, and SkyStation 2, our networkable ground radio station, along with a tightly integrated service layer. “SkyLine’s network service layer, which is hosted in the cloud, autonomously manages and oversees an entire network The easing of some pandemic lockdowns meant this major show could be held as an in-person event this year, spurring a host of companies to show off their wares. Rory Jackson reports One more step towards normality October/November 2021 | Unmanned Systems Technology