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Embention UERONTE Autopilot 4x Redundant autopilot control For eVTOL control Autonomous & fly-by-wire flight No single point of failure Certification data pack 4x redundant Only 650g Dissimilar arbiter Enabling eVTOLS to populate our skies Embention +34 965 115 421 DEFENSE CIVIL ping200X ZPX-B CONNECTING EVERYTHING THAT FL IES ULTRA LOW-SWAP AVIONICS WITH DESIGN ASSURANCE FOR PROFESSIONALS MODE S ADS-B TRANSPONDER MODE 5 MICRO IFF TRANSPONDER OPTIONAL ADS-B IN RECEIVER TRUST YOUR TRANSPONDER LEARN MORE OR SCHEDULE A DEMO AT SAPPHIRE THEMASTERSOF SAPPHIRE FABRICATION Call 800-821-0180 for immediate assistance • Sapphire Specialists since 1921, ISO 9001:2015 & ITAR Registered • Can provide flat, parallel and smooth windows to 9.00” diameter • Performance enhancing coatings available for 250-5000 nm transmission • Less than 2 Å RMS surface roughness, 10-5 scratch-dig per MIL-PR-13830, 1/10 wave transmitted wavefront error @ 633 nm, and parallelism of less than 2 arc-seconds Resistant to blowing dirt, sand and water Withstands extreme heat and pressure Lenses, Windows, Domes & Prisms