Issue 39 Unmanned Systems Technology August/September 2021 Maritime Robotics Mariner l Simulation tools focus l MRS MR-10 and MR-20 l UAVs insight l HFE International GenPod l Exotec Skypod l Autopilots focus l Aquaai Mazu

3 August/September 2021 | Contents Unmanned Systems Technology | August/September 2021 04 Intro The Covid pandemic is driving a fresh demand for unmanned systems, particularly for moving goods between the distribution hubs in society’s various supply chains 06 Platform one: Mission-critical info Multi-craft system monitors and repairs offshore wind turbines, fully digital fibre optic gyros unveiled, eVTOL unmanned cargo UAV with a 300 km range on order, and much more 18 In conversation: Niklas Nyroth The CEO of Robot Aviation explains why he’s very much a hands-on man when it comes to UAV engineering 22 Dossier: Maritime Robotics Mariner A high level of hardware and software integration makes it easy to customise this marine data gathering ASV. We look at what went into its design and development 34 Focus: Simulation tools The behaviour and performance of entire unmanned vehicles can now be simulated, thanks to greater computing power in the cloud. Here are the latest advances in the technology 44 Digest: MRS MR-10 and MR-20 These UAVs – known otherwise as the KittyHawk and RavenHawk – can carry unusually heavy payloads for their class. Explained here is how their design gives them that capability 52 Insight: UAVs Modern design and manufacturing methods are making it easier to develop UAVs such as these for a hitherto unimagined range of tasks – particularly those where human safety could be a concern 60 Dossier: HFE International GenPod This all-in-one propulsion system cuts powerplant maintenance and replacement times to mere seconds. We look at what inspired the concept behind it and how it became a reality 72 In operation: Exotec Skypod As the size of warehouses for e-commerce companies grows, so there is a growing need for intelligent UGVs to retrieve stock from their shelves. This is one such vehicle 80 Focus: Autopilots A surge in the range of UAV variants is prompting advances in autopilot capabilities, as well as giving clues about likely future trends in the technology, as we report here 92 Digest: Aquaai Mazu Biomimetics are key to the popularity of this fishlike UUV among companies in ‘blue economy’ industries such as sustainable aquaculture. We explore how was it developed 98 PS: Alternatives to GNSS A look at how – and why – the US Department of Defense is researching more resilient satellite navigation technology 18 34 52 22 72