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88 G iven the massive uptake of web-based professional networking and conferencing services over the past year, combined with the widespread anticipation of live trade events returning in a few months’ time, this year’s AUVSI Xponential was reorganised as a hybrid show, which combined online and live events for an extended and hence bigger experience. The online part of Xponential took place from May 4 to 6, with many companies unveiling new products, services and updates for unmanned systems engineers and operators looking to enhance their vehicles’ capabilities. The live event will take place on August 16-19, and we will be reporting on the highlights of that soon after. UAV Factory has boosted the energy of its launch catapults, up to 11 kJ for the 4 m system and to 16 kJ for the 6 m system. The company notes that this makes the new 4 m catapult 85% more powerful than its previous version, while the 6 m version is 35% more powerful than its predecessor. The upgrades have come about by redesigning their pneumatic As a precursor to the live event in a few months’ time, this recent outing for the show was held as a hybrid online- live event. Rory Jackson presents highlights from it Hybrid variety June/July 2021 | Unmanned Systems Technology UAV Factory used this year’s event to unveil updates to its launch catapults, which are now more powerful