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AERIAL ASSET INSPECTION AI ENABLED REMOTE SENSORS FOR LAND AND SEA WIDE AREA SCANNING AUTOMATIC OBJECT DETECTION CUSTOMIZED SOLUTIONS OVERWATCH IMAGING UNPRECEDENTED PERFORMANCE AT YOUR FINGERTIPS Introducing the all new Tactical Embedded line. The best just got smaller. Tactical-Grade IMU Heading: 0.05°411° Prtch/Roll: 0.015° GNSS: L1/L2/E1/ E57 with RTK/PPK Vectornav Vectornav.com +1.512.772.3615 High bandwidth, long range radios for industrial-grade private wireless mobile mesh networks. . doodlelabs.com/wearable . . Smart Radio . . Wearable . Long Range, >20km Low Latency Ultra-Reliable ISM & Federal Bands, 100 MHz - 6 GHz 4K Video Streaming