Issue 37 Unmanned Systems Technology April/May 2021 Einride next-gen Pod l Battery technology l Dive Technologies AUV-Kit l UGVs insight l Vanguard EFI/ETC vee twins l Icarus Swarms l Transponders l Sonobot 5 l IDEX 2021 report

GPS Networking Split the Signal Designed to help you distribute the GPS signal with the installation of only one antenna BRING A LIVE GPS SIGNAL INDOORS Immediate Signal Acquisition From Inside to Outside Includes LI GPS Antenna LI RAMB - Roof Antenna Mount WRUMT -Amplifier Mounting Bracket Venable Gain Re wad kiting Amplifier Re-radiating Antenna 50 ft. LAIR 400 Cable GPS Indoor Testing The GPS-ITS will allow you to test your AUV Inside your facility for pre-flight checks on your GPS equipped vehicles. For more information call 800-463-3063 or email safestech@gpsnetworking,com WWW.GPSNETWORKING.COM 4activeSystems, market leader in advanced testing technologies for active vehicle safety, provides innova- tive solutions to reduce road fatalities and ensure safety and compliance with the highest international standards around the globe. NEW IN: 4activeFB-eco! • the world’s lowest profile robotic platform • for future ADAS and AD testing (SWARM) • compliant with Euro NCAP & related ISO-standards • open interfaces (OTX), extensive connectivity (Mesh) • 4 different model types for individual needs 4activeSystems GmbH Industriepark 1 8772 Traboch, Austria  16 YEARS OF UAV EXPERIENCE CONFIDENCE INFLIGHT WWW.CURRAWONG.AERO