Unmanned Systems Technology 036

Oceanology International 2020 | Report “It is designed to house lighting and optionally lasers that can be powered and controlled through the camera itself through ‘aux’ ports. These allow quick interfacing with underwater systems, and reduce cost and complexity.” The Rayfins are divided into two product types: the LiquidOptics and UltraOptics systems. The former is designed to correct for distortions from chromatic aberration caused by water, and offers a 70 º field of view. The wide-angle Rayfin UltraOptics meanwhile is designed for situational awareness, and has an enhanced 120 º field of view. “A key feature of the Rayfin cameras is their scripting, which is based on our open-source SubC API to perform complex tasks, enabling a simple software language for programming subsea solutions to run autonomously,” Colbourne added. The LiquidOptics camera weighs 3.2 kg in air and 1.6 kg in water, has a lens made from sapphire and with a minimum focus range of 0.5 m. The UltraOptics weighs 4.45 kg in air (2.32 in water), has a BK7 lens and a minimum focus of 0.1 m. Both systems are rated to 6000 m and consume between 7.5 and 13.5 W from a 16.5-32.5 V DC supply. They can output H.264 or H.265 compressed video data in MP4 format, as well as 21 MP imagery with images sizes up to 5344 x 4008. They can also be interfaced using Gigabit Ethernet, PowerLine Ethernet, fibre optic cable or coaxial cable. SubC Imaging’s Rayfin LiquidOptics camera TAKE YOUR DESIGNS FROM INITIAL CONCEPT TO HIGH-PERFORMANCE REALITY. ACCELERATING UAV R&D OUTPERFORM THE COMPETITION CONTACT TOTALSIM US AT 614.255.7426 OR INFO@TOTALSIM.COM TO LEARN MORE. AERO TS Aero is a web-based application customized for the aerospace industry. Cost-effectively perform highly-accurate computational fluid dynamic (CFD) simulations on aircraft, UAV, drone and multicopter designs. U p l o a d 3 D C A D g e o m e t r i e s . S e l e c t t e s t c o n d i t i o n s t o s i m u l a t e . V i e w r e s u l t s . R u n t h e s i m u l a t i o n . Highly accurate Repeatable results Secure data storage Automated processes User-friendly Fast, powerful processing Flexible geometries Customizable KEY BENEFITS IDEAL FOR REMOTE WORKING! Suter TOA 288 UAV Engine • Up to 24 HP (17.6kW) • 11.6kg turn-key ready • 1kW starter/generator • EFI gasoline/HFE 2021 • Volz throttle servo • Customization feasible www.suter-aviation.ch +49 172 900 2619 info@cae-engines.com +1 (810) 441-1457 bob@uavpropulsiontech.com International USA