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4 Does closing down a project mean it’s a failure? Google’s owner Alphabet recently shut down its Loon project, which was a stratospheric UAV suspended from a balloon. Loon was one of the ‘moonshot’ projects, intended to explore how unmanned technology could bring broadband connectivity to remote areas. It followed on from Google’s project for a similar system with Titan Aerospace, and Facebook’s Aquila high altitude pseudo-satellites (HAPS). Both of those projects are also closed now, but the technology has evolved, with multiple HAPS systems being flown and tested around the world. Another of Google’s moonshot projects was Wing, based on a more traditional quadcopter UAV, which survived to be spun out as a separate company. Breaking ground for technology development, this has also struggled to find its place in the world. The past year however has highlighted the vital importance of UAV technology for both contactless delivery and monitoring services. For example, Flybotix has been evolving over the years, pushing back the boundaries of what unmanned technology can achieve, as detailed on page 60. Engineering is all about exploring and learning, so no, a project closing just means its time has passed or there are different routes to explore. The vital thing is to make sure the learning is not lost and that engineers of the future can build on the lessons we learn today. Nick Flaherty | Technology Editor Lessons learned Intro | February/March 2021 Editorial Director Ian Bamsey Deputy Editor Rory Jackson Technology Editor Nick Flaherty Production Editor Guy Richards Contributor Peter Donaldson Technical Consultants Paul Weighell Ian Williams-Wynn Dr Donough Wilson Design Andrew Metcalfe andrew@meticulousdesign.com UST Ad Sales Please direct all enquiries to Freya Williams freya@ust-media.com Subscriptions Frankie Robins frankie@ust-media.com Publishing Director Simon Moss simon@ust-media.com General Manager Chris Perry Read all back issues online www.ust-media.com UST 36 : FEB/MAR 2021 UK £15,USA$30,EUROPE e 22 Move on up Advances in inertial sensing technologies Adding value Additive manufacturing set for new era of productivity Deep thinking How Saab’s Sabertooth AUV acts as caretaker for seabed energy infrastructures Volume Seven | Issue Two February/March 2021 High Power Media Limited Whitfield House, Cheddar Road, Wedmore, Somerset, BS28 4EJ, England Tel: +44 (0)1934 713957 www.highpowermedia.com ISSN 2056-9823 Printed in Great Britain ©High Power Media All rights reserved. Reproduction (in whole or in part) of any article or illustration without the written permission of the publisher is strictly prohibited. While care is taken to ensure the accuracy of information herein, the publisher can accept no liability for errors or omissions. Nor can responsibility be accepted for the content of any advertisement. SUBSCRIPTIONS Subscriptions are available from High Power Media at the address above or directly from our website. Overseas copies are sent via air mail. UST SUBSCRIPTION OFFERS 1 year subscription – 15% discount: UK – £75; Europe – £90 USA – £93.75; ROW – £97.50 2 year subscription – 25% discount: UK – £135; Europe – £162 USA – £168.75; ROW – £175.50 Make cheques payable to High Power Media. Visa, Mastercard, Amex and UK Maestro accepted. Quote card number and expiry date (also issue/start date for Maestro) ALSO FROM HPM THE COMMUNICATIONS HUBOF THE RACING POWERTRAINWORLD RICHARD ‘DICK’LANGFORD: Keeping theCosworthHBalive www.highpowermedia.com FEBRUARY 2021 UK £15,USA$25,EUROPE e 22 THE COMMUNICATIONS HUBOF THE RACING POWERTRAINWORLD SEPTEMBER/OCTOBER 2019 UK £15,USA$25,EUROPE e 22 RÉMITAFFIN: RegainingRenault’sGrandPrixpower www.highpowermedia.com FIRE-BREATHINGRY45 Outkast’s LateModelmonster 1000BHPGRAND PRIXBATTLES FormulaOne power games in 2019 GEARING TOBETTER EFFECT Race transmissions in focus BREATHTAKING HARLEY-DAVIDSONV2 Vance &Hines’ Flat Track contender TOMORROW’S SOLUTIONS TODAY In-depth Focus on newmaterials ADVENTURES ONTHEDIRT TheChallengeOf World ofOutlaws ISSUE008 | WINTER2020 UK£15 USA$30 EUROPE€22 E-MOBILITY ENGINEERING THE COMMUNICATIONS HUB OF THE ELECTRIFIED POWERTRAIN Concrete promise Weporeover thepowertrains inLiebherrGroup’sseriesof PHEVcement trucks Performancereview Hottopic Latest techniques for testingbatterycells Options for thermal management February/March 2021 | Unmanned Systems Technology 2021 advertising Limited opportunities within the pages of UST magazine are available for advertisers wishing to raise awareness of their unmanned/autonomous related products and services in 2021. Simon Moss will continue to look after all current and previous advertisers via the ‘right of first refusal (ROFR)’ scheme – www.ust-rofr.com . For all new enquiries and a copy of our 2021 media kit please contact Freya Williams at freya@ust-media.com