UST 031

3 April/May 2020 | Contents Unmanned Systems Technology | April/May 2020 04 Intro Engineers’ response to the coronavirus pandemic 06 Platform one: Mission-critical info Large UAV with distributed autopilot unveiled, decentralised algorithm allows safer swarming, and much more 16 In conversation: Jennifer D Andrews What does it take to spark a love of aerospace engineering? Bell’s project lead on a major NASA project gives her reasons 20 Dossier: EasyMile EZ10 shuttle Key facets of this autonomous commuting platform are its facility for ongoing development and its emphasis on enterprise-level security. Here’s how it was developed 34 Focus: Engine ancillary systems We explain how progress in the technology behind these systems is enabling them to dovetail with the needs of UAV engines 44 Insight: UGVs On top of their growing range of workaday applications, UGVs are also gaining traction for an array of specialised duties 52 Show update: Oceanology International 2020 Despite its postponement until December, we have a preview of some marine technologies that are already arriving 58 Digest: Quaternium HYBRiX 2.1 Technological maturity of, and iterations in, various aspects of its design have been the enablers for extending the range of this gasoline-electric quadcopter 64 Dossier: Turbotech TP-R90/TG-R55 This powertrain combination conquers the problems with small turbine engines for commercial UAVs. We report on how the company behind them was able to do so 76 In Operation: Roboat Deploying a USV to carry out commercial and municipal duties is a perfect fit for Amsterdam’s canal network – which is exactly what the developers of this craft have in mind 82 Focus: Infotainment systems Driverless vehicles are heralding a profound change in their audio and vision systems, which in turn is driving new developments in their onboard networks. Here are some of the important trends 92 Digest: Clearpath Robotics Jackal If you’re looking for a portable and rugged UGV to carry out robotics research projects, this UGV should fit the bill. We look at what it offers 98 PS: FusionFlight VTOL UAV Like a few well-known fighter planes, this UAV has a VTOL function, for which its designers claim some impressive abilities 06 20 34 76 16