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46 A s end-users of UAVs become more proficient in their operations, and begin to request upgrades and reconfigurations that suit their specialist requirements, UAV manufacturers are trialling various new technologies and capabilities. These will provide critical benefits such as enhanced safety, reduced operator burden, and extended ranges and endurances, all of which are vital to ensuring the regulation and uptake of UAVs around the world. Survey and monitoring Silent Falcon UAS Technologies has unveiled the newest of its solar- powered aircraft, the Silent Falcon EE (for Extended Endurance). As its name indicates, it has been designed around providing longer flights, for applications such as border surveillance, wildfire monitoring and power asset inspections. The Silent Falcon EE can remain in the air for up to 8 hours during the daytime and up to 4 hours at night (while carrying up to 3 kg of payload weight), which improves over the previous model’s 5 hours of endurance during the Rory Jackson reports on the work by some developers to bring UAVs to an ever-widening range of applications Cleared for take-off August/September 2019 | Unmanned Systems Technology Integrating a new type of solar cell and a new battery pack has extended the Silent Falcon EE’s daytime endurance by about 60% (Courtesy of Silent Falcon UAS Technologies)