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20 T ornado jets sparked a passion for flight in a boy from Preston, in England’s north-west. The fighters’ charisma, combined with a passion for the natural world and a love of science fiction, steered Nick Colosimo towards a successful career as an engineer and futurist with BAE Systems. Now 47, he has worked on various UAV programmes, including the Astraea airspace integration effort and the Mantis UAV technology demonstrator, and is now involved with the UK’s Team Tempest future combat air system project, which is being designed to be optionally piloted and control groups of UAVs. His love of nature had an engineering side to it, and he talks of obsessing over how nature solves problems such as the evolution of passive and active stealth by the hatchet fish. When it rises into shallow water in daylight to feed, this animal is in a position to be attacked from below by This futurist and technology strategy executive at BAE Systems shares his views on what lies ahead for UAVs with Peter Donaldson For future reference August/September 2019 | Unmanned Systems Technology Based on a Jetstream regional airliner, the Surrogate UAV demonstrated technologies including sense and avoid, synthetic aperture radar and satcom for unmanned use (Images courtesy of BAE Systems)