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92 O ceanology International has long been among the world’s largest events for showcasing marine technologies and vehicles, and this year’s exhibition and conference in San Diego coincided with the show’s 50th anniversary. A wide collection of new products and solutions for unmanned maritime and underwater operations, from a growing range of oceanic industries, were on display. Ocean Aero, the developer of the autonomous underwater and surface vehicle Submaran S10 (detailed in UST issue 9), unveiled an expanded product line at the show. It showed full- size models of three new vehicles — its Scout, Discovery, and Navigator AUSVs. All three are 4.4 m long and about 0.8 m wide, 3 m tall from sail tip to waterline, and 1.5 m deep from the water line to their keel. They have a surface speed of 5 knots (or more, depending on conditions and use) with a payload capacity of 22.7 kg. They are also equipped with sensors including anemometers, air and water temperature sensors, and depth sensors, and are designed for long-duration, persistent autonomous missions on and under the surface of the oceans. “The Scout’s primary role is in surface applications, similar to a moored buoy,” said Brian Peterson. “In extremely stormy events, it can submerge briefly to ride out the worst of the conditions.” It weighs 227 kg, and is equipped with a 1 kWh battery and 110 W of solar power. The Discovery can submerge to 100 m, and comes with 2 kWh of rechargeable lithium-ion batteries, along with 170 W of solar power, for a 245 kg total weight. The 272 kg Navigator can submerge to 200 m, navigates to 200 m underwater and carries 4 kWh of rechargeable lithium-ion batteries. It has the same solar capacity as the Discovery. All three can operate for three months on the ocean surface, with the Discovery Rory Jackson reports with a product round-up from this marine technology show, which notched up its 50th anniversary this year Golden time April/May 2019 | Unmanned Systems Technology 50 years and still going strong – the 2019 show drew a wide range of exhibitors and visitors