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4 Driverless technology continues to make its way into everyday life. Shuttle makers such as Navya and NuTonomy are operating vehicles on private land, as we have documented over the past three years in this magazine, and more start- ups are emerging from ‘stealth mode’ to launch commercial driverless services. Now mass transport is seeing the same evolution. Two autonomous 80-seater buses are currently being tested, ready for deployment on public roads in Singapore over the next few months, while buses are already driving autonomously in a depot in Manchester, UK. While these vehicles are driverless in the depot and on the test ground, however, there will still be a driver in place for public operation. But the technology from Fusion Processing (see page 42) shows how autonomous operation is reaching into many different areas. That even includes space. While there has been plenty of coverage of the latest visit to the International Space Station (ISS), the true impact has been missed. The Dragon 2 capsule has the potential to carry seven astronauts fully autonomously to dock with the ISS (see page 6). While the new ‘driverless’ capsule is an evolution of an existing design that has been flying to the ISS for the past three years, this is the first fully automated docking to the ISS, and for that reason it is just as momentous as the start of driverless bus services in Singapore. Both are enabled by the maturing unmanned technologies that will change the world dramatically over the next few years. Nick Flaherty | Technology Editor Tickets to ride Intro | April/May 2019 Editorial Director Ian Bamsey Assistant Editor Guy Richards Technology Editor Nick Flaherty Contributors Peter Donaldson, Rory Jackson Technical Consultants Paul Weighell Ian Williams-Wynn Dr Donough Wilson Design Andrew Metcalfe andrew@meticulousdesign.com UST Ad Sales Please direct all enquiries to Simon Moss simon@ust-media.com Subscriptions Jim Cavanagh jim@ust-media.com Publishing Director Simon Moss General Manager Chris Perry Office Administrator Frankie Robins For all enquiries relating to unmannedsystemstechnology.com please contact: EchoBlue Media Online Publisher Caroline Rees caroline@echobluemedia.com Subscribe today @ www.ust-media.com Editorial opportunities Do you have a strong technical knowledge of one or more aspects of unmanned systems? As we grow we are on the lookout for experts who can contribute to these pages. If that sounds an interesting challenge then don’t hesitate to explore the possibility of writing for us by emailing: ian@ust-media.com Read all back issues online www.ust-media.com Take care Focus on maintenance Chain of command Advances in ground control systems UST 25 :APRIL/MAY 2019 UK £15,USA$30,EUROPE e 22 Under the surface Development details of the iXblue DriX USV and its underwater payload gondola Volume Five | Issue Three April/May 2019 High Power Media Limited Whitfield House, Cheddar Road, Wedmore, Somerset, BS28 4EJ, England Tel: +44 (0)1934 713957 Fax: +44 (0)20 8497 2102 www.highpowermedia.com ISSN 2056-9823 Printed in Great Britain ©High Power Media All rights reserved. Reproduction (in whole or in part) of any article or illustration without the written permission of the publisher is strictly prohibited. While care is taken to ensure the accuracy of information herein, the publisher can accept no liability for errors or omissions. Nor can responsibility be accepted for the content of any advertisement. SUBSCRIPTIONS Subscriptions are available from High Power Media at the address above or directly from our website. Overseas copies are sent via air mail. UST SUBSCRIPTION OFFERS 1 year subscription – 15% discount: UK – £75; Europe – e 125 USA – $150; ROW – £97.50 2 year subscription – 25% discount: UK – £135; Europe – e 225 USA – $270; ROW – £175.50 Make cheques payable to High Power Media. Visa, Mastercard, Amex and UK Maestro accepted. Quote card number and expiry date (also issue/start date for Maestro) ALSO FROM HPM THE COMMUNICATIONS HUBOF THE RACING POWERTRAINWORLD MARCH/APRIL 2019 UK £15,USA$25,EUROPE e 22 STEFANHONENS: Mercedes truckin’ www.highpowermedia.com PAYINGHOMAGETOPORSCHE Special Investigation: TimeAttack &Elmer NEWAGETOOLS Electromagnetic design aids AMASTER ATWORK Kaase’s ProStock MountainMotor April/May 2019 | Unmanned Systems Technology