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52 T he Consumer Electronics Show remains perhaps the biggest forum in the world for new product launches aimed at consumers and businesses focused on the highest levels of technological capability. With around 4500 exhibitors and more than 180,000 attendants, the 2019 event took place over four days across various Las Vegas venues, with a range of new vehicles and subsystems for unmanned and autonomous industries being unveiled. AEye announced the upcoming launch of the AE200, its newest series of perception sensors for self-driving road vehicles. As with its previous AE100 and AE110 products, the AE200 uses the company’s ‘iDAR’ (Intelligent Detection And Ranging) system, which integrates solid-state 3D Lidar and 2D vision sensors to output actionable fused data. “The AE200 will consume 10 W of power, with camera, Lidar and onboard computing, versus the AE100’s 40 W,” said Dr Barry Behnken. “The power reduction is principally achieved via a next-generation receiver architecture, which has significantly higher sensitivity and thus supports the use of a much lower-power fibre laser transmitter to close the optical link budget. “Because the laser subsystem constitutes the single largest power draw in the entire AEye system, this transmitter change drives a 30 W reduction in total power consumption by the AE200.” Autonomous automotive manufacturers can then use this instead of opting for February/March 2019 | Unmanned Systems Technology Rory Jackson details some of the latest unmanned systems that consumers and businesses were able to feast their eyes on at this year’s show Shopping centre The packed venues played host to a huge array of presentations on the latest technology