Unmanned Systems Technology 024 | Wingcopter 178 l 5G focus l UUVs insight l CES report l Stromkind KAT l Intelligent Energy fuel cell l Earthsense TerraSentia l Connectors focus l Advanced Engineering report

3 February/March 2019 | Contents Unmanned Systems Technology | February/March 2019 04 Intro Vehicle sensors rather than the vehicles themselves were the talk of this year’s Consumer Electronics Show 06 Platform one: Mission-critical info CES proves a popular platform for launching low-cost Lidars, more transitioning electric VTOL UAVs reach prototype or working model stage, all-environment vehicle put through its paces, Mars rover navigation software passes initial tests, and more 18 In conversation: Ian Williams-Wynn Integrating UAVs into unsegregated airspace is what gets Blue Bear’s MD up in the morning. Here he explains why 22 Dossier: Wingcopter 178 We report on the development of this electric tiltrotor VTOL UAV, which uses a single propulsion system for take-off, wing-borne cruise flight, landing and all the transitions in between 34 Focus: 5G communications As chips with the latest cellular comms technology become ready for launch, we examine the impact it will have on the control and organisation of unmanned systems 44 Insight: UUVs For users of underwater vehicles, modular payloads are now a must-have, so how are system developers responding to that new demand? 52 Show report: CES 2019 Our highlights of the unmanned systems products launched at this, the biggest show of its kind in the world 58 Digest: Stromkind KAT series How jet thrusters proved to be the solution for using this scalable USV in a wide range of applications 64 Dossier: Intelligent Energy fuel cell This hydrogen fuel cell for small UAVs offers much longer endurance than battery power. Here’s how it was developed 74 In operation: Earthsense TerraSentia Precision agriculture could be revolutionised by this UGV, thanks to its ability to manage crops from under their canopy 80 Focus: Connectors We explain how the growing capabilities of unmanned systems are driving advances in the designs and features of connectors 92 Show report: Advanced Engineering 2018 Leading-edge materials and manufacturing methods featured heavily at last year’s show. Here are some of the key ones 98 PS: Interstellar travel Reaching the nearest star outside the Solar System could soon be a reality if the potential of tiny unmanned probes is realised 34 80 74 06 22