Unmanned Systems Technology 018 | CES show report | ASV Global C-Cat 3 USV | Test centres | UUVs insight | Limbach L 275 EF | Lidar systems | Heliceo DroneBox | Composites

38 3 February/March 2018 | Contents Unmanned Systems Technology | February/March 2018 04 Intro Unmanned missions to the Moon may have been grounded now, but the advent of low-cost sensors could herald a new countdown 06 Platform one: Mission-critical info New collision system based on low-cost smartphone cameras, algorithms for real-time synthetic aperture sonar, why U-cup seals are the best design for gimbal precision, and more 14 Show report: CES Our pick of the unmanned systems technology unveiled at the 2018 Consumer Electronics Show 20 In conversation: Jean-Claude Tourn The president of E Yo Copter explains what inspired him to develop his radical jet-powered helicopter 24 Dossier: ASV Global C-Cat 3 USV This survey vessel keeps things simple and low-cost. It can still do a full day’s work though, thanks to some clever development 38 Focus: Test centres What needs to be tested to certify an unmanned system, and what facilities do test centres offer? We have the details 4 8 Insight: UUVs UUV technology has lagged behind its conterparts in systems for other realms, but research around the world is set to rectify that 56 Dossier: Limbach L 275 EF Years of honing this lightweight two-stroke boxer engine have led to a power plant that’s ideal for aviation propulsion 68 Focus: Lidar Laser-based sensing systems use a range of technologies and have varied advantages, as we explain 80 Digest: Heliceo DroneBox This technology platform condenses nearly three-quarters of an unmanned craft’s operation into a single unit. Here’s how it works 84 Focus: Composites We report on the various methods of making these high- performance materials, and why unmanned systems developers should pay close attention to them 98 PS: Add lightness and ‘simplicate’ When you think about it, the subject of simplicity in engineering is not really all that simple. But it is quite interesting 24 06 20 48