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Tel: +44 (0)1844 216 057 Web: www.primarydesigns.co.uk Email: sales@primarydesigns.co.uk Our technical expertise is derived from our extensive experience and knowledge from working within the Formula One industry for many years; this has enabled Primary Designs to develop unique manufacturing processes working with lightweight thin gauge materials such as Titanium and Inconel 625 to achieve the optimum exhaust solution. Primary Designs are leaders in the design and manufacture of world-class exhaust systems and also provide a comprehensive range of technical and fabrication services Interchangeable Family of IMU’s Offers Industry’s Best Price/Performance IMU480 5°/hr Bias Instability 0.3°/ √ hr ARW Higher performance Lower cost IMU280 20°/hr & 50 μ g Bias Instability 1.5°/ √ hr & 0.1m/s ARW/VRW Proven Performance: • 10’s of thousands shipped with 0 field failures • Fully calibrated over -40C to +85C Family of Options: • 24 x 37 x 9.5 mm AL pkg • IMU, VG, AHRS, INS* versions • SPI, RS-232, CAN* interfaces • 5V and 9V – 32V versions • 6 / 9 DOF versions * Versions in development Visit us at www.aceinna.com IMU380 10°/hr & 20 μ g Bias Instability 0.75°/ √ hr & 0.05m/s ARW/VRW