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4 The second half of 2017 marks a major turning point in the commercial development of technology for unmanned systems in a number of ways. Work continues on airborne and road- based delivery systems, but full commercial systems are coming to market, driving the volume production of the technology. Interestingly this is happening in different ways for different applications. On the seas, ship builders and technology suppliers are looking to tap into this. Rolls-Royce and Kongsberg Maritime for example are using the same commercial Lidar systems from driverless cars as sensors for their autonomous shipping designs. The ships will be tested on the water later this year, starting off as remotely piloted systems next year and moving to full autonomous operation when the international maritime regulations change in 2020. On the roads, Audi’s A8 saloon will have new technologies such as AI processors and Lidar for the first time in a production vehicle, again requiring volume manufacturing. The A8 will be able to drive itself in circumstances such as traffic jams, but that will be extended to more general situations as regulations open up. Other car makers are taking a little more time before coming to market but they are not far behind, particularly Volvo and BMW. The first commercial driverless car will not be on its own for very long, and the world will change significantly as a result. Nick Flaherty | Technology Editor Turn up the volume August/September 2017 | Unmanned Systems Technology Intro | August/September 2017 Editorial Director Ian Bamsey Assistant Editor Guy Richards Technology Editor Nick Flaherty Contributors Peter Donaldson Rory Jackson Technical Consultants Paul Weighell Ian Williams-Wynn Dr Donough Wilson Sonar Consultant Nigel Birdsall Design Andrew Metcalfe andrew@meticulousdesign.com UST Ad Sales Please direct all enquiries to Simon Moss simon@ust-media.com Subscriptions Jim Cavanagh jim@ust-media.com Publishing Director Simon Moss General Manager Chris Perry Office Administrators Frankie Robins Ellen Culliford For UST Online please contact: EchoBlue Media Online Publisher Caroline Rees caroline@echobluemedia.com Subscribe today @ www.ust-media.com Editorial opportunities Do you have a strong technical knowledge of one or more aspects of unmanned systems? As we grow we are on the lookout for experts who can contribute to these pages. If that sounds an interesting challenge then don’t hesitate to explore the possibility of writing for us by emailing: ian@ust-media.com Vertical integration Martin UAV’s V-Bat ducted-fan VTOL tail-sitter On the level What you need to know about gimbals Wave power Focus on sonar systems UST 15 :AUG/SEPT 2017 Volume Three | Issue Five August/September 2017 High Power Media Limited Whitfield House, Cheddar Road, Wedmore, Somerset, BS28 4EJ, England Tel: +44 (0)1934 713957 Fax: +44 (0)20 8497 2102 www.highpowermedia.com ISSN 2056-9823 Printed in Great Britain ©High Power Media All rights reserved. Reproduction (in whole or in part) of any article or illustration without the written permission of the publisher is strictly prohibited. While care is taken to ensure the accuracy of information herein, the publisher can accept no liability for errors or omissions. Nor can responsibility be accepted for the content of any advertisement. US COPIES ONLY Unmanned Systems Technology ISSN No: 2056-9823, is published by High Power Media in England and is distributed in the United States by SPP, 17B S Middlesex Ave, Monroe, NJ 08831. Periodicals postage paid at New Brunswick, NJ. Postmaster please send address changes to: Unmanned Systems Technology, 17B S Middlesex Ave, Monroe, NJ 08831. SUBSCRIPTIONS Subscriptions are available from High Power Media at the address above or directly from our website. Overseas copies are sent via air mail. UST SUBSCRIPTION OFFERS 1 year subscription – 15% discount: UK – £75; Europe – e 125 USA – $150; ROW – £97.50 2 year subscription – 25% discount: UK – £135; Europe – e 225 USA – $270; ROW – £175.50 Make cheques payable to High Power Media. Visa, Mastercard, Amex and UK Maestro accepted. Quote card number and expiry date (also issue/start date for Maestro)