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90 Class of 2024 | Uncrewed Systems Technology Decavo Our integrated design, engineering and manufacturing expertise allows us to offer price-competitive composite solutions for a wide range of industries. We excel in small-scale intricate, complex geometries often considered non manufacturable by the rest of the industry. We are vertically integrated to include value-added assembly services such as detailed bonding, mechanical assembly, testing, finishing and packaging. Our primary capabilities include: Composite Lamination • Bladder molding • Compression molding • Out of autoclave processing • Caul plated B side surfaces • Trapped polymer molding • Trim and Machining • Precision multi-axis trim and machining • Tooling and fixturing (metallics, composites, additive, etc.) • Tight tolerance capabilities Material Expertise • Complex integrated composite features in carbon fiber, fiberglass or aramid materials • Composite solutions with EMI and thermal control features • Paint • Specialty coatings • Mil-spec compliant • EMI shielding • Vapor deposition Products include, but not limited to • UAV components • Optical sensor enclosures • EMI enclosures • Radomes • Rotor blades Categories • Composites Address 489 North 8th Street, Suite 205, Hood River, Oregon 97031, USA Website Telephone +1 541 716 0100 Email More info: Structural & anatomical systems