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9 Uncrewed Systems Technology | Class of 2024 Applanix (Trimble Applanix) Trimble’s Applanix develops, manufactures, sells and supports advanced products and scalable solutions that maximize productivity through Mobile Mapping and Positioning. Whether it be precise position and orientation for mapping the seafloor, georeferencing of a LIDAR point cloud, real-time guidance of robotic vehicles, or a complete airborne mapping solution for generating directly georeferenced orthophotos, Trimble has what you need. Established in 1991, Trimble’s Applanix strives to support customers around the world with exceptional service, anywhere at anytime. Categories • Antennas • Navigation System • IMUs, Gyros & Accelerometers Address 85 Leek Crescent Richmond Hill, Ontario L4B 3B3 Canada Website Telephone +1 905 709 4600 Email More info: Avionics & electronics