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79 Uncrewed Systems Technology | Class of 2024 AVT Australia AVTA designs, develops, prototypes, validates, produces, and provides Through to End of Life Support of ISR, and Target Acquisition payloads. Designed for sUAS the CM62 is a 260g, IP67, fully onboard, multisensor gyro-stabilised imaging system for ISR operations. As standard on-board video processing includes Object Tracking, Scene Tracking, Roll Stabilisation, E-Stabilisation, Multi-Sensor Streaming, and H.265 encoding, enabled with Attitude Control and GEO-lock control functionality. With 4-axis active stabilisation, the CM234 is a 6.6kg payload designed for ISR and target acquisition operations while providing superior situational awareness to operators. CM234 delivers powerful Daylight, MWIR and SWIR imagery that is ideal for a tactical uncrewed aircraft system (TUAS) missions. Categories • Thermal Sensors • Image Sensing • Gimbals Address 141 Capel Street, North Melbourne, VIC 3051, Australia Website Telephone +61 2 6581 1994 Email More info: Mission & application systems