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75 Uncrewed Systems Technology | Class of 2024 Powertrain UAV Propulsion Tech UAV Propulsion Tech is a US company located in Tampa, FL that markets advanced UAV technology from Germany, Switzerland, India, Canada, United Kingdom, USA, France and Estonia into the global UAV market. These solutions include commercial off the shelf (COTs) and custom hardware solutions that are flying on several high-end global UAV platforms. UAV Propulsion Tech provides 2-stroke engines (Suter/CAE), servo/actuators (Volz), gyro-stabilized EO/ IR gimbals (Merio), autopilots-board/enclosed/triple redundant (MicroPilot), pneumatic launchers (Eli), rescue/recovery parachutes (ParaZero/ProtectUAV), capacitive fuel/oil level & ultrasonic fuel flow sensors (Reventec/Sentronics), MEMS-INS-GPS (Aeron Systems), Fuel Cells (H3 Dynamics), DC motors/generators (ePropelled) and fuel systems-bladder tanks/pumps (Fuel Safe/ HP-Tech). We have been providing hardware solutions to defense/ commercial UAV customers for close to 20 years. Contact us if you are looking for hardware solutions for your UAV. If we don’t have it, we usually know who does. Categories • Engines • Fuel Cells • Electric Motors • Servo Actuators • Gimbals • Autopilots • Fuel Systems • Launch Systems • Parachutes Address 1501 W. Horatio St. #102, Tampa, FL 33606 USA Website Telephone +1 810 441 1457 Email More info: