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7 Uncrewed Systems Technology | Class of 2024 Aerobits Aerobits is a technological company specialized in avionics miniaturization, such as aviation transponders. All solutions are based on a patented technology that allow to process radio signals on very small surfaces. This concept is at the core of our OEM modules (low-level assembly function modules), which are the basic building blocks of miniaturized avionics. Aerobits technology is currently the smallest and fastest implementation of the ADS-B air traffic surveillance system in the world, with ranges weighing from 1g. With the enormous level of miniaturization and patented fusion of FPGA and multi-core processors the powerful computational capacities are retained, ensuring the parallel support of many time-critical processes. Categories • GNSS • Antennas • Transponders Address ul. Przestrzenna 11 70-800 Szczecin, Poland Website Telephone +48 500 501 305 Email More info: Avionics & electronics