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59 Uncrewed Systems Technology | Class of 2024 MicroLink Devices, Inc. MicroLink Devices specializes in the production of advanced solar cells for space, UAV, HALE, and terrestrial use. Flexible solar sheets manufactured specifically for use on UAVs have areal powers of >350 W/m2 and specific powers of >1500 W/kg. MicroLink’s lightweight and flexible solar sheets are the enabling power source technology for continuous, multi-week solar-powered flight and have been integrated onto the leading solar-powered areal platforms. MicroLink also performs engineering research and development services and is a prime US federal contractor. • Highest specific power solar sheets: >350 W/m2 • High efficiency solar cells: >30% AM0 • Easily applied and integrated onto curved surfaces. Categories • Solar Power Address 6457 W Howard St Niles, IL 60714, USA Website Telephone +1 847 588 3001 Email More info: Powertrain