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53 Uncrewed Systems Technology | Class of 2024 Hirth Global Sales GmbH Hirth Global Sales: Elevating Global UAV Projects Discover unparalleled UAV excellence with Hirth Global Sales, the international sales and distribution arm of Hirth Engines. We bring cutting-edge propulsion solutions to a global audience, ensuring your projects achieve unprecedented success. From sales to support, we are committed to advancing the world of UAV technology. Hirth Engines: Redefining UAV Propulsion Step into the future of UAV technology with Hirth Engines, a global leader in high-performance propulsion systems. Our engines set the industry standard for quality and reliability, empowering surveillance, reconnaissance, and delivery drones. Explore innovation at Join us in shaping the next era of UAV excellence. Categories • Engines Website Telephone +43 6602 1412 73 Email More info: Powertrain