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48 Class of 2024 | Uncrewed Systems Technology Powertrain Alva Industries Alva is your one-stop-shop for high-precision and torque-dense slotless motors. Our complete services cover everything from optimisation and design to stator and rotor production. Plus, we offer outsourcing options and technology licensing to meet all your needs. Alva’s next-gen electric motors, designed and made in Norway, are manufactured using our patented FiberPrinting™ technology. This groundbreaking process allows for rapid design and production of slotless windings, for various industries and applications. With FiberPrinting™, we produce high-performance Marine Thrusters, lightweight Gimbal Motors with impressive torque, and UAV Propulsion Systems that are reliable and safe. Our fully automated FiberPrinting™ technology incorporates industrial weaving and molding, ensuring maximum copper fill factor and structural integrity with precise tolerances. Elevate your operations with Alva’s innovative technology today! Categories • Electric Motors Address Fossegrenda 1E 7038 Trondheim Norway Website Telephone +47 92 40 30 20 Email More info: