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CONNECTING | DEVELOPING | SOURCING | SOLVING The Uncrewed Systems Engineering Network Teamwork conceives greatness Simply email any question to or visit to complete and submit a simple initial enquiry form. A representative of our technical team will be in touch shortly thereafter. All questions will be treated in the strictest confidence. The Uncrewed Systems Engineering (USE) Network has actively engaged in a number of projects, providing expert consultation and bespoke connections for partnerships between uncrewed vehicle manufacturers and high-end component suppliers. As the world of autonomous systems embraces more opportunities than ever, it’s essential that every element of every vehicle, and the system that supports it, is optimised for its mission profile. Every nut, bolt, line of code, servo, propeller and engine must be tailored with the utmost care, to the exact specifications that you as an engineer require. That’s where the USE Network comes in, and where we are making a difference. Unique challenges require cutting-edge solutions, and our team of technical experts are eager to help you find them. With the right partners you can take your uncrewed vehicles to full technological readiness and long-term operational success – if you have a question, USE can help you find the answer!