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42 Class of 2024 | Uncrewed Systems Technology Platforms Orthodrone Orthodrone is your all-in-one provider for ultra-high-resolution, long range, UAS-based data acquisition, modelling and analyses. We replace helicopters in extreme environments. Successfully deploying on icebreakers, Andean glaciers and the Nunataks of Antarctica, we have a proven track record in some of the harshest environments our planet has to offer. Orthodrone develops highly automated hybrid UAS, based on our patent-pending, thrust-vectoring PIVOT stabilization technology. Essentially, the drone is the gimbal: a four-component system with the main body entirely stabilized throughout the flight. We deploy combinations of (multispectral) metric cameras and survey-grade LiDAR, as well as water- and ground-penetrating sensors in highrisk environments, with hover times of over two hours. We gather, process, and analyze critical intel for decision makers managing and mitigating risk. While we are specialized in energy infrastructure, offshore infrastructure, and surface mining data, we cater to an extensive range of global surveying and inspection use cases. Categories • UAVs • Artificial Intelligence (AI) • Embedded Computing • Machine Learning • Gimbals • Stabilised Platforms • Lidars • Image Sensing • Motion control Address Am Gut 7, 24107 Quarnbek, Germany Website Telephone +49 43 19 79 93090 Email More info: