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24 Class of 2024 | Uncrewed Systems Technology PIDSO – Propagation Ideas & Solutions GmbH PIDSO develops, implements and produces innovative antennas and hardware solutions. We offer four major core values to our customers: • Aerodynamic and lightweight design: Our design approach decreases space and weight requirements on UAVs significantly, which is important for enhancing flight efficiency and payload capacity​. • Performance boost: Our products cover a wide area of applications and combine critical key requirements such as enhanced signal reception and transmission, lightweight design and broadband application spectrum in a way that creates unique advantage for our customers. • Customization: We are customizing antennas and antenna systems specifically to our customers’ needs and therefore supply products with the most optimal performance from a first prototype up to series production. • High-quality made in Europe: Reliable and sophisticated products that always ensure a stable communication, developed and manufactured in Europe, are our daily motivation to continually challenge the physical limits. Categories • Antennas • Cable Harnesses • Connectors • Ground Control Systems • Radio Links & Telemetry • Simulation & Testing • Transponders Address Wallackgasse 2, 1230 Vienna, Austria Website Telephone +43 12 52 4189 Email More info: Avionics & electronics