Issue 09: August/September 2016 Issue 10: October/November 2016 Data storage The solid state of memory media Simulation & testing Models of cost-effective power Submaran S10 Unique surface/subsurface concept UST 09 :AUG/SEPT 2016 UK £15,USA$30,EUROPE e 22 Protected property The latest system-related patents Get on board Embedded computing solutions Mission control Autonomy for space exploration UST 10 :OCT/NOV 2016 UK £15,USA$30,EUROPE e 22 Platform one: Mission-critical info Natural language control applications emerge from the lab, Facebook’s Aquila UAV makes its maiden flight, project to develop surveillance using swarms unveiled, and more Dossier: Ocean Aero Submaran S10 The developers of this surface/subsurface craft were faced with some stiff engineering challenges along the way. Here’s how they overcame them Focus: Simulation and testing We look at how the power and cost-effectiveness of these tools is growing, in line with their importance in the development of autonomous vehicles Dossier: 3W-110xi b2 TS HFE FI What is it about this air-cooled two-stroke that enables it to run unmodified on anything from gasoline to JP8? We find out Insight: USVs Development of unmanned surface vehicles continues apace, as we pick out some of the most interesting innovations Focus: Data storage There’s a shake-out in the technologies underpinning this key parameter of unmanned system performance, with one type expected to prevail Platform one: Mission-critical info VTOL-quadcopter UAV uses one set of motors for both lift and forward thrust, Lidars become smaller and more cost-effective, chip for autonomous vehicles puts safety first, and more Digest: nuTonomy driverless taxi We explain what went into the development of this autonomous cab, a fleet of which has become the first to undergo public trials Focus: Embedded computing Our guide to the range of board-level computing solutions and standards for autonomous systems Dossier: HFE H70 marine powertrain Development details behind the transformation of a small- displacement marine four-stoke to suit the needs of an autonomous buoy Insight: Unmanned space vehicles Space is becoming a proving ground for autonomous systems technology, which is also boosting our efforts to explore and exploit the Solar System Focus: Performance monitoring Monitoring the performance of an unmanned platform is vital to its efficiency and reliability – and at the heart of that is an array of sensors Unmanned Systems Technology 89