BIBG Unmanned Systems Technology 84 Issue 01: Winter 2014 Issue 02: Spring 2015 LAUNCH ISSUE :NOVEMBER 2014 UK £15,USA$30,EUROPE e 22 Hirth’s two-stroke magic Inside a hi-tech UAV powerplant Real-time operating systems Analysing the development issues Penguin UAV Dossier Secrets of a record-breaking platform revealed 01USTCover2.indd 3 01/10/2014 20:53 UST 02 :SPRING 2015 UK £15,USA$30,EUROPE e 22 The all-seeing eye State-of-the-art vision sensors for unmanned craft Driverless 4WD MIRA’s autonomous Land Rover Danielson diesel Inside the new generation Scion SA-400 Autonomous helicopter technology Dossier: UAV Factory Penguin C Ian Bamsey visits UAV Factory in Latvia to discover the secrets of the remarkable Penguin C Focus: Real-time operating systems Nick Flaherty explains the issues around developing the essen- tial software for safe, secure and reliable autonomous systems Dossier: Hirth S1218 two-stroke twin Ian Bamsey visits Hirth to investigate a state-of-the-art UAV engine that genuinely provides for multi-fuel operation Insight: Airborne base stations UAVs look set to take on a key role as comms base stations – once various engineering challenges have been overcome Dossier: The ASV Enduro-C Ian Bamsey investigates an unmanned craft that can operate at sea for months at a time, thanks partly to a sophisticated propulsion system Focus: Composites Composites are a natural fit for unmanned systems. David Cooper explains how the materials are made and used Insight: Datacomms Wide-area comms links will be needed if unmanned systems are to work together. Here are strategies to enable this Dossier: Scion SA-400 We investigate an optionally piloted helicopter that, unmanned, can fly sideways at 46 knots and land on a ship at sea Focus: Vision sensors Developments in imaging technology are paving the way for more integrated onboard vision, as Nick Flaherty explains Dossier: Danielson Trident 100 TD2 Ian Bamsey investigates this state-of-the-art French turbodiesel that’s been created specifically for UAV use Insight: Security and safety systems How to ensure an unmanned system is secure and safe Dossier: MIRA MACE The UK’s MIRA automotive research institute is trialling unmanned ground vehicles for the military. What lessons are being learnt? Focus: Additive manufacturing Making components using an additive process is ideal for the unmanned systems industry. David Cooper explains why Insight: Marine UUVs Torpedo-shaped autonomous underwater vehicles are taking over the oceans. Nick Flaherty examines some new developments