BIBG Drag Race Technology: Volume 5 Drag Race Technology: Volume 6 80 TWO WHEELED WONDERS The world’s fastest street legal bikes NEED A BOOST? Power adders and chassis technology in focus ORANGE BULLET Blown Pro Mod racer dissected A annual report USA$40,UK £20,EUROPE e 30 ENCOMPASSINGALLCLASSESANDFORMSOFDRAGRACINGWORLDWIDE 01DRTv5COVER1.indd 1 29/10/2014 09:35 THE BEAST EXPOSED Top Fuel Dragster power revealed DRAG RACE MOTORCYCLE DESIGN Technical insight PRECISION INSTRUMENT What it takes to win in Pro Stock A annual report USA$40,UK £20,EUROPE e 30 ENCOMPASSINGALLCLASSESANDFORMSOFDRAGRACINGWORLDWIDE Dossier: Pro Mod Camaro The UK’s fastest Pro Mod investigated In Conversation: Jimmy Prock Anne Proffit speaks to successful Funny Car crew chief Focus: Suspension, Steering and Brakes Jon Scoltock looks at drag race suspension, tires and steering systems Profile: Pro Street Hayabusa What does it take to build the fastest street legal bikes in the world Focus: Power Adders Lawrence Butcher investigates blowers, turbos and nitrous oxide Digest: Beetle Doorslammer This diminutive VW is taking the fight to the V8s PS: Four Wheel Drive Dragster Tommy Ivo’s four engined monster remembered Dossier: Elite Motorsports Pro Stock Camaro The secrets of a double championship winning NHRA Pro Stock racer uncovered Insight: Top Fuel Power Exclusive, Top Fuel Dragster power measured for the first time Insight: Motorcylce Chassis Design What does it take to build a drag race motorcycle chassis? Rob Moon investigates Digest: Red Victor 3 Stewart Mitchell gets under the skin of what could be the world’s fastest street car Focus: Fuel Supply Systems How does one make sure an engine is getting the fuel it needs for a winning pass? Profile: Street Eliminator Supra Import racers are bringing new technology and techniques to the street and strip In conversation: John Collins Anne Proffit talks to John Collins, lead tuner on the DSR Make a Wish Funny Car PS: Rocket Cars Are we seeing a resurgence of the Rocketeers? Race Technology Reports