BIBG Alternative Race Technology: Volume 1 Alternative Race Technology: Volume 2 76 USA$40,UK £20,EUROPE E 30 THE HEART OF THE MATTER Battery and motor technology investigated RUNNING ON GAS Fuel cell racer and hydrogen production profiled THE FUTURE HAS ARRIVED Electric and hybrid racing is a reality A annual report ENCOMPASSINGTHEDESIGNANDENGINEERINGOFALLALTERNATIVEPOWEREDRACEVEHICLES 01ARTRT14_new.indd 1 01/07/2014 14:37 USA$40,UK £20,EUROPE E 30 SAFE AS HOUSES Hybrid and EV motorsport safety in focus ONE YEAR IN The technical challenge of Formula E’s first season KING OF THE HILL Record breaking Pikes Peak EV A annual report ENCOMPASSINGTHEDESIGNANDENGINEERINGOFALLALTERNATIVEPOWEREDRACEVEHICLES Focus: Energy Storage As electric vehicles in motorsport become more widespread, David Cooper examines the energy storage options Profile: EV100 Drag Bike Lead chassis designer and rider Rob Moon explains what’s gone into the development of this contender for the quarter- mile record Profile: Jaguar C-X75 Lawrence Butcher talks to the companies involved in the design and development of this hybrid supercar Profile: Forze Fuel Cell Racer Delft University’s development of a full-sized EV racecar has entailed finding some innovative solutions Focus: Electric Motors Jon Scoltock highlights the key issues when designing an electric/hybrid powertrain and integrating it into a race vehicle Insight: Flybrid Flywheel Matthew Grant charts the development of Flybrid’s pioneering KERS technology, and assesses its potential for motorsport Insight: Hydrogen Practicalities Hydrogen holds a lot of promise as an automotive fuel but, as we explain, various obstacles have to be overcome first Dossier: Drive EO PP03 Pikes Peak The record setting 2015 hillclimb winner dissected Insight: YR45 Hybrid Engine Dr Hayashi explains the operation of his novel exhaust energy recovery system In Conversation: Dr Wolfgang Warnecke Shell’s scientist tasked with future fuels development talks motorsport Insight: Hybrid Systems Integration We look at the design considerations for hybrid vehicles Insight: Battery Modelling How does one go about modelling the behaviour of batteries and fuel cells? Tech Review: Formula E What lessons have been learnt from the first year of Formula E competition? Focus: Hybrid and EV Safety How are racers and regulators overcoming the challenges of keeping emerging technologies safe? Special Investigation: Motor Materials Stewart Mitchell looks at the advanced materials used in racing electric motors Race Technology Reports