BIBG 24 Hour Race Technology: Volume 5 24 Hour Race Technology: Volume 6 68 RACEENGINE TECHNOLOGY SPECIALREPORT 24HOURRACETECHNOLOGY2011 A SPECIALREPORT USA$50,UK£20,EUROPE E 35 THE PROTOTYPE CHASSIS Under the skin of today’s Le Mans cars POWER AROUND THE CLOCK Endurance race engine design secrets Underofficial licence with theACO BATTLE OF THE COUPES Audi beats Peugeot at its own game 01_24HRT11.indd 1 11/07/2011 12:47 RACEENGINE TECHNOLOGY SPECIALREPORT 24HOURRACETECHNOLOGY2012 A SPECIALREPORT USA$50,UK £20,EUROPE E 35 RACING THE CLOCK The challenge of competing at Le Mans TECHNOLOGY FOCUS LMP manufacturing and electronics investigated Under official licence with theACO NEXT GENERATION Toyota Hybrid uncovered 01_24HRT12 v3.indd 1 03/07/2012 21:03 Dossier: Audi LM P1 Anne Proffit reports on how Audi’s preparations for this year’s LM P1 race paid off on the podium Insight: Le Mans Engines What are the guiding factors in designing a petrol race engine for LM P1 competition? Oliver Allan reports Focus: Transmissions Lawrence Butcher examines how manufacturers have made huge leaps in improving the durability of transmission systems for Le Mans racing Dossier: Hope Racing LM P1 Hybrid What does it take to prove that a flywheel-based hybrid can compete at LM P1 level? Anne Proffit finds out Focus: Prototype Chassis What are the ingredients needed to create a top-flight sportscar chassis in the 21st century? Lawrence Butcher finds out Dossier: Robertson Racing Ford GT Anne Proffit explains how a family-owned team won a podium place at Le Mans with the venerable Ford GT Le Mans 2011 A review of this year’s Le Mans engines, results plus our directory of suppliers Profile: DeltaWing Lawrence Butcher finds out how the most unconventional and controversial car at Le Mans in 2012 was designed and developed Insight: Racing the 24 What is the Le Man 24 Hours actually like for the teams’ engineers, drivers and other personnel? Focus: Electronics Some of the key developments in electrical and electronic systems for a Prototype endurance racecar Profile: Toyota TS030 The story of Toyota’s 2012 return to the top rung of Le Mans racing, with a hybrid, is told here by Lawrence Butcher Focus: Design and Manufacture Which design, development and manufacturing techniques and technologies go into building a Le Mans Prototype racecar? David Cooper finds out Profile: Aston Martin Vantage GTE Lawrence Butcher reports on the development work that went into Aston Martin’s revamped GT racer Review: Technology Development The Le Mans 24 Hours creates a need for some quite specific technologies. Anne Proffit reports on some of the key ones Race Technology Reports