BIBG 24 Hour Race Technology: Volume 1 24 Hour Race Technology: Volume 2 66 race engine TECHNOLOGY SPECIALREPORT 24HOURRACETECHNOLOGY 2007 technology A special report 24 hour race USA $50,UK £20,EUROPE e 35 24 HOUR ENGINES How to survive and win INSIDE ASTON MARTIN Its GT warrior exposed PEUGEOT EXCLUSIVE Secrets of the diesel challenger 00_24HOURRACE_Cover.indd 1 4/6/07 09:41:18 RACEENGINE TECHNOLOGY SPECIALREPORT 24HOURRACETECHNOLOGY 2008 technology A SPECIALREPORT 24 HOUR race USA $50,UK £20,EUROPE E 35 CORVETTE AT LE MANS INSIDE THE 7.0 LITRE WARRIOR ASTON MARTIN-LOLA RETURN OF AN ICONIC COUPE HERE COME THE SUPER COUPES NEW SHAPE PROTOTYPE TECHNOLOGY 00_24HRT08_Cover.indd 1 2/7/08 08:50:12 Special Investigation: LMP Speed The prototype performance envelope Profile: Peugeot 908 Ian Bamsey visits Peugeot’s factory to investigate the most adventurous Le Mans car since the 2003 race winning Bentley Dossier: Diesel versus Gasoline John Judd is developing both types Insight: AER V8 Turbo A look at the newest Le Mans gasoline engine, a 3.6 litre V8 turbo from AER Short Take: Porsche 911 The new 977-based LM GT2 car Profile: Aston Martin DBR9 We investigate the technology of the Aston Martin Le Mans car Grid Le Mans Techno Topics Le Mans Paddock Who is who in Le Mans car engineering PS: Lola T70 A pioneering coupe Dossier: Peugeot 908 V12 HDI FAP Ian Bamsey considers the development of the Peugeot 908, the car that won pole at Le Mans in 2007 and in 2008 Insight: Corvette C6.R V8 GT1 Flexing American muscle in France Profile: Lola-Aston Martin V12 Anne Proffit investigates the fastest petrol powered car at Le Mans this year Special Investigation: The New Shape of Prototype Racing The technology of the fabulous coupes Dossier: Porsche 911 GT3 RSR F6 Racing the time honoured GT contender Grid Le Mans Techno Topics Le Mans Paddock Who is who in Le Mans car engineering PS: Sauber-Mercedes A Le Mans legend Race Technology Reports