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66 T he city of Fenton, Michigan, is home to Strange Development, an engineering company aptly named for its predisposition towards new and unconventional solutions for powering vehicles. Based not far from the ‘Motor City’ of Detroit, the company was founded by CEO John Krzeminski about 15 years ago as an r&d workshop focusing on the design, engineering and manufacturing of advanced vehicle power plants. Krzeminski and his team’s foremost ambition was to identify and resolve the most pressing needs of the UAV market, seeing it as the best outlet for their passion for developing new engine architectures. And indeed, Strange Rory Jackson reports on how the concept of a rotary exhaust valve maximises the merits of this supercharged UAV two-stroke Rotary foundation August/September 2020 | Unmanned Systems Technology Incorporating a rotary exhaust valve enables the REVolution engine to produce 164 kW (221 hp) while weighing 50 kg (Photos courtesy of Strange Development)