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54 W ith the Farnborough International Airshow having transitioned to a virtual format for 2020 amid the ongoing lockdown-related travel restrictions, we interviewed a selection of aerospace technology companies to learn about their newest UAV-related updates and innovations that would otherwise have been showcased at the world’s foremost aircraft exhibition. Leonardo shared the latest details about its Falco Xplorer S/N0001 UAV, which has a payload capacity of 350 kg, more than 24 hours’ endurance, and satcom for BVLOS operations, all within a 1.3 t MTOW. “Our regular engagement with customers using our original Falco [as featured in UST 5, December 2015/January 2016], and its successor the Falco Evo, prompted the development of the Xplorer,” said Fabrizio Boggiani. “Some customers required a higher capacity for payloads and longer endurance. “It is undergoing certification for flight in non-segregated airspace, and is not subject to ITAR restrictions.” The platform will come with a Gabbiano T-80 surveillance radar, as well as an EO turret, a Sage electronic intelligence system and an automatic identification system (AIS) for maritime use. Boggiani added, “There will be further flights over the next few months to assess the aircraft’s full range of capabilities, including its integrated sensors, and to certify the Xplorer to NATO Stanag 4671, dramatically expanding the territory over which it can operate.” Leonardo also discussed the latest on its AWHero rotary UAS. It is currently going through a military certification process, the only helicopter in its weight class to be doing so. With ongoing flight trials for Italy’s military authorities, the AWHero’s official type certification is expected later this year. Its capabilities and features were demonstrated during the first live exercise for Ocean2020, a project funded by the European Union’s Preparatory Action on Defence Research and implemented by the European Defence Agency. The AWHero was equipped with a 10 in (25.4 cm) EO/IR and an AIS transceiver, and it successfully detected, identified and tracked intruder vessels, operating from an Italian Navy FREMM-class frigate in the Mediterranean. Real-time video and other data from the UAV were transmitted to the ship’s tactical table and disseminated to maritime operational centres in Rome, Brussels and elsewhere via satellite. During the demonstration, the AWHero was teamed with other unmanned assets (including Leonardo’s SW-4 Solo optionally piloted helicopter) to support the persistent maritime surveillance coverage by Rory Jackson catches up with some of the UAV technology suppliers who would have been exhibiting at this airshow had it been able to go ahead Flight plans August/September 2020 | Unmanned Systems Technology