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12 Platform one Lynx Software Technologies has launched a preconfigured software bundle for UAV designs (writes Nick Flaherty). LYNX MOSA.ic  for UAVs/Satellites uses a software hypervisor that allows developers to combine real-time operating systems with those from third parties. The hypervisor supports both ARM and x86 processor architectures to run LynxOS-178, Lynx’s proven DO-178 certified OS, the LynxSecure separation kernel hypervisor and Linux. The bundle includes tools such as Lynx Simple Applications (LSAs). These are true bare-metal applications, meaning they run directly on hardware without the need for any underlying operating system components. For developers who need to meet the strict timing requirements of complex and safety-critical systems, Lynx Advanced Scheduling can be used to precisely control the execution and timing of the LSA components in the system. Comms interconnects are enforced by security policies with fast and low-latency comms Crystal Group has developed a 5U server and sensor fusion unit for autonomous vehicles (writes Nick Flaherty). The EIA-310 compliant AVC0161 Rugged Intelligence and Autonomy (RIA) sensor fusion system is designed to securely fuse massive amounts of sensor data and survive physical and cyber threats. It combines high-performance computer boards, data processing, storage and the critical thermal management capabilities necessary for autonomous and optionally manned vehicle operations. between critical functions hosted on LSAs and guest operating systems. Any LSA or guest OS can be securely connected with any other LSA or guest to move data efficiently through the processing pipeline. A key example of this is a cryptography module called LSA-store for security. The sensor fusion system is supported by the AVC5904 5U rugged server. It uses dual Intel Xeon Scalable processors and up to 384 Gbytes of DDR4 memory. Modular input/output panels provide integration with various connectors and sensors. An integral 1500 W 10-32 V DC power supply eliminates the need for high-power voltage inverters typically used with AC- powered servers. This saves valuable space, time and energy by directly and internally sourcing the power needed for critical functions, and allows thermal issues to The bundle also includes the software tools for building applications. The Luminosity, SpyKer and TraceCompass tools are Eclipse-based environments that allow intuitive build and debug of applications and drivers, event tracing and visualisation for LynxOS-178 and Linux guests. be addressed directly with liquid cooling for the boards and two fans for other components. The standard-fit, rack-mount server provides additional flexibility with either eight removable 15 mm/2.5 in drives or 12 removable 9.5 mm drives. The RIA unit measures about 17 x 36 x 40 cm and combines dual Intel Xeon Scalable processors, 2 Tbytes of DDR4 memory, and PCI Express 16x high-speed data interfaces in a rugged, aluminium enclosure. It supports up to three graphics processors for running neural network algorithms for machine learning. UAV bundle blends OSs Rugged server/sensor unit Airborne vehicles Data storage August/September 2020 | Unmanned Systems Technology The Lynx bundle uses a software hypervisor that allows different operating systems to be combined