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76 D efence and Security Equipment International (DSEI) remains the largest vehicle and technology fair in the world for military, intelligence and civil organisations. September 2017 saw the Exhibition Centre London in Custom House host more than 1600 exhibitors from 54 nations, and draw 36,000 visitors. Battlefield International attended the biennial event to showcase a new fuel coupler designed for Martin UAV, initially for use on the V-Bat UAS (featured in UST 15). The EnduroLink fuel coupler came about after Martin UAV sought a valve plug element that would attach to the surface of the V-Bat in a flush-face clean manner, and avoid affecting the airstream with any protrusions. “We came up with the idea of an additional shroud around the plug, and bulkheading it into the side of the aircraft so that it could in fact be flush,” Battlefield International’s Steve Fenton explained. “Normally, a plug would create a slight protrusion, but this was designed specifically to be smooth and clean, and limit its exposure to FOD [foreign object damage] and dust.” The company went through three iterations of the design and materials before settling on the final configuration, which uses brass in the centre for the valve and plug profile (while still seeking to minimise the amount of brass to save weight), with Delrin in the shroud and 6061 aluminium alloy around this polymer. GFLT seals are also used as it is a low-temperature Viton with widespread use in UAS applications. Rory Jackson returns from an overt mission to the 2017 running of DSEI with some fascinating product highlights Security service October/November 2017 | Unmanned Systems Technology Visitors this year included senior defence personnel and private-sector companies