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50 O n the one hand, the Continental Motors CD- 155 is an EASA certified general aviation engine used in the likes of Cessna and Piper light aircraft. On the other, and of particular interest to us, it is also a proven power plant for unmanned craft. Unmanned applications to date include General Atomics’ MQ-1C Gray Eagle and Turkish Aerospace Industries’ TAI Anka, both 17 m wingspan, fixed-wing UAVs, and Airbus Helicopters’ VSR 700 rotary craft. The CD-155 is founded on advanced German automotive diesel technology. However, Technify Motors does not simply modify engines from the supplier’s production line. Rather, Technify Motors adapts the engines to its own requirements and has the ability to source components from the original tier one (or below) supplier. According to head of technical sales Niels Mundt, 85% of the CD-155 is manufactured in-house. Technify was born out of Thielert Motoren, the project of a skilled German motor mechanic with a penchant for motorsport. Herr Thielert established a race preparation company and brought Ian Bamsey investigates an impressive automotive crossover for unmanned flight From road to runway October/November 2017 | Unmanned Systems Technology The CD-155 seen from the propeller end